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How to Add Kernel Boot Parameters via GRUB on Linux

The Linux kernel can be supplied with various parameters during boot time or at run time. These parameters customize the default behavior of the kernel, or inform the kernel about hardware configuration. Kernel parameters can be changed at run time by modifying files in /proc or /sys, while certain kernel...

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How to Make a YouTube Instructional Screencast Video on Linux

YouTube is a great place to post your instructional videos, and we shall make one with Kdenlive and Audacity.

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How to Speed Up Slow apt-get Install on Debian or Ubuntu

If you feel that package installation by apt-get or aptitude is often too slow on your Debian or Ubuntu system, there are several ways to improve the situation. Have you considered switching default mirror sites being used? Have you checked the upstream bandwidth of your Internet connection to see if...

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10 Lesser Known Linux Commands – Part 2

Continuing the last conversation from 11 Lesser Known Useful Linux Commands – Part I here in this article we will be focusing on other lesser known Linux commands, that will prove to be very much useful in managing Desktop and Server. 

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MinnowBoard: The $200 Atom-Based Maker Board

The MinnowBoard packs a SATA, gigabit ethernet port, and PCI Express connectivity with the HDMI and USB trimmings one expects from a modern Single Board Computer (SBC). Here, Ben Martin reviews the board's key features.

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