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Setting Process CPU Priority With nice and renice Linux Commands

Nice is a command in Unix and Linux operating systems that allows for the adjustment of the “Niceness” value of processes. Adjusting the “niceness” value of processes allows for setting an advised CPU priority that the kernel’s scheduler will use to determine which processes get more or less CPU time. 

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5 VirtualBox Tips: How to Install Linux and More

How to use five of VirtualBox's most useful features. Install Linux guests and use them for development sandboxes.

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Quiz 3 – “Test Yourself” 21 Linux Basic Questions

This is the third post of “Test Yourself Series“. This Series was aimed to make you learn, interactively and it has seen good response from the users part, so far. This post is aimed at making you aware of most of the Ports, and is very much useful for the...

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Android App Development for Beginners: Layout and UI Options, Part One

Over the next few tutorials, we'll be looking in more detail at the basic layout and graphical interface aspects of the Android API. If you've been reading other tutorials in this series, you've already been creating basic layouts, buttons, and menus; now we're going to look in depth at the available layout and UI options, to give you more insight into how you can create the best visual user experience for your app.

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Cubieboard: ARM A8 CPU with SATA for Under $50

The Cubieboard brings SATA connectivity to a very low price point ARM Single Board Computer (SBC). A recent update, the Cubieboard2 is now out, which replaces the Allwinner A10 CPU from the original Cubieboard (single A8 core) with a dual core Allwinner A20 (two A7 ARM cores). A major convenience of the Cubieboard having been around for a while is that there is a lot of support for running Linux on it.

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