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Too Many Forges, Too Little Time

Back in the day there was one site to host an open source software project, and it was...
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H.264, Patent Licensing, and You

Engadget tries to clarify the patent situation around the H.264 codec. "So the real choice for most companies is to sign up with H.264 and the MPEG-LA in return for a baseline level of legal pro...
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Patent Suit Against Red Hat and Novell Fails

The jury at a federal court in Texas ruled that a number of charges brought forward by patent licensing firms against the two Linux distributors are unfounded...
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Managing Open Source Risk and Keeping It Legal

From potential issues with licenses to evaluating the future development of a particular project, there are risks to consider before adopting open so...
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Sony Sued For Removal Of Linux Support From PS3

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Sony for its removal of the "Other OS" feature from the PlayStation 3. "The suit, filed on April 27 by Anthony Ventura of California, seeks...
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