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Can One Sponsor Sustain a FOSS Project on the Long Term?

These days I am receiving quite a number of mails that ask the same question: If a FOSS project is sponsored by only one company or entity, do you think it's a healthy project?   In order to answer this question, we need to define some terms first. Let's start...

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As Open Source Spreads Out, So Does the Need For Compliance

With more and more businesses and organizations using and developing open source software--which can, among other things, be a big opportunity for cost savings--the need for knowledge about open source licenses and compliance is elevated...

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Crafting an Open Web Qualification

School of Web Craft For working in the open web, people need to know more than one technology. They need to learn, hack, and be creative. Mozilla is driving a project to create a broad, university-style, comprehensive course of study: Mozilla's Drumbeat Open Web Developer degree. Currently, they're calling for...

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Bilski and Software Patents

The Supreme Court case of Bilski v Kappos was billed as a case over business methods, but at its core it was over an application for a patent on software, and the denial of that application sets a good example that may lead to the denial of other software patents.

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OSS: Europe vs. The United States

Neelie Kroes is IT Chief for Europe and a staunch proponent of Open Source Software. A previous Linux Journal...

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