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Build a VR App in 15 Minutes with Linux

In 15 minutes, you can develop a virtual reality application and run it in a web browser, on a VR headset, or with Google Daydream. The key is A-Frame, an open source toolkit built by the Mozilla VR Team. Test it Open this link using Chrome or Firefox on your mobile phone. Put your phone into ...
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Facebook 360 camera
Facebook open sources “Surround360” video capture system, posting full specs and code on GitHub.

Facebook Open Sources 17-Camera Surround360 Rig with Ubuntu Stitching Software

In April, Facebook announced it had built a “Surround360” 3D-360 video capture system, but that it did not plan to sell it. Instead, the social networking giant promised it would open source both the hardware and the Ubuntu Linux-based software used to stitch together images from the camera into...
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Canonical and BQ to Unveil the First Ubuntu Tablet That Runs X11 Apps at MWC 2016

There you have it. Canonical promised this for a long time now, and it would appear that the London-based company behind the world's most popular free operating system, Ubuntu Linux, will finally unveil the first ever, real Ubuntu tablet device this year, during the upcoming MWC (Mobile World...
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Samsung Begins 12-Gigabit LPDDR4 Mass Production

The world's second largest semiconductor company by revenue is increasing its production of memory chips that use the 20-nanometer process to stay head of its rivals.  Samsung will begin mass production of 12-gigabit LPDDR4 (low-power, double-data rate 4) mobile DRAM memory chips, the South Korean...
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Google Taps VMware to Bring Windows Access to Chromebooks

The Google Chrome team trumps the value of Desktop-as-a-Service "as the countdown to Windows XP end of life continues." Read more at Enterprise Open Source Toolkit
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Could Samsung Focus Exclusively on Chromebooks?

How focused has Samsung become on Chromebooks--portable computers that run Google's cloud-centric Chrome OS? According to a report in DigiTimes, after cutting its targets for notebook computer sales, the company may have plans to "no longer launch conventional notebook models except Chromebooks in...
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Geeksphone to bring Firefox OS to consumer market with Peak+

The Spanish company is expanding from the developer market to the broader consumer market with the Peak+, a higher-end phone than other Firefox OS models on sale. [Read more]   Read more at CNET News
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Google's Touch-Based Pixel Chromebook May Be Real

There was quite a lot of Hollywoodish (sans MPAA) drama around a 'secret' Google project called Chromebook Pixel. Some videos were leaked and the company in question said that their servers were hijacked. Read more at Muktware
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Google's Linux-based Chrome OS Advances from Joke to Best-seller

Last year, Google's Linux-based Chrome OS went from being an industry joke to a qualified success. That surge appears to have continued through the holidays. The ARM-based Samsung Chromebook is only a few days short of a 100-day run as's best-selling laptop, and now Lenovo has joined...
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iOS 6.0.2 is draining our batteries, some users say

The famed iPhone battery drain issue seems have to resurfaced for some people who've made the leap to iOS 6.0.2. Several users chiming in on Apple's Discussion Forums say the latest iOS update, which was designed to fix Wi-Fi problems, is draining their batteries faster. One iOS 6.0.2 updater said...
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