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Death of Linux on Netbooks Greatly Exaggerated

Article Source Ars TechnicaApril 16, 2009, 7:33 am Netbooks and other small form-factor computing devices are growing in popularity. These low-budget products are looking increasingly relevant in the current economy and are attracting consumers who are looking for better value and mobility....
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Openmoko Throws Everything Behind "Plan B"

Article Source Linux JournalApril 9, 2009, 5:00 am Putting Linux on mobile phones is all the rage these days, what with Google's Android popping up on prototypes left and right, and even the venerable Palm pushing the Pre, a penguin-phone of its own. That wasn't always true, though, but way...
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The Moblin Project: Linux for the Mobile Masses

Crafting a Linux distribution optimized for the mobile environment is no easy task. The hardware is vastly different from a typical desktop or even laptop computer. User expectations are different as is the way in which a user interacts with the device. Startup times are critical and it's...
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Samsung confirms Android handsets as Google adapts to market

Article Source Ars TechnicaApril 5, 2009, 8:40 pm Mobile phone maker Samsung has confirmed that it intends to launch at least three phones this year that are built with Google's Linux-based Android operating system, including two that are destined for US mobile carriers. The move will boost...
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Intel Moblin V2 Alpha 2 Released

Â¬â  Particularly special about Intel Moblin V2 was its boot-time, which was extremely fast when using a Solid-State Drive. Intel has now put out a second alpha release for Moblin V2, which we are briefly exploring today.  
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Make your Asus Eee PC cooler with these software tweaks

By Dmitri Popov Enabling webcam in Skype The current Eee PC models are shipped with a version of Skype that doesn't support the built-in webcam. There is probably a reasonable explanation for this, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with the situation. Fortunately, making Skype play nicely...
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Syncing your BlackBerry on Linux

By Joe Barr If all you want to do is share data between your Linux box and the BlackBerry, no sweat. The 2GB Micro SD storage I inserted in my 8800 is available to my Linux system just like any other USB storage device. When I connect the USB cable to the BlackBerry, I simply say yes when Ubuntu...
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