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Embedded Linux survey
Embedded survey indicates that open source operating systems like Linux and FreeRTOS continue to dominate while proprietary platforms are declining.

Linux and Open Source on the Move in Embedded, Says Survey

AspenCore has released the results of an embedded technology survey of its EETimes and Embedded readers. The survey indicates that open source operating systems like Linux and FreeRTOS continue to dominate, while Microsoft Embedded and other proprietary platforms are declining. Dozens of market...
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A History of Microprocessor Debug, 1980–2016

Since the dawn of electronics design, where there have been designs, there have been bugs. But where they have been bugs, there inevitably was debug, engaged in an epic wrestling match with faults, bugs, and errors to determine which would prevail -- and how thoroughly. In many ways, the evolution...
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MQTT for IoT Communication

MQTT stands for Message Queue Telemetry Transport. As its name suggests, it’s a protocol for transporting messages between two points. Sure, we’ve got Messenger and Skype for that; but what makes MQTT so special is its super lightweight architecture, which is ideal for scenarios where bandwidth is...
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Daqri smart eyewear
Daqri Smart Helmet and Smart Glasses are among the intriguing eyewear devices examined in this roundup. Image: Courtesy of Daqri.

10 Linux or Android Based Smart Eyewear Devices

Recently, Google umbrella firm Alphabet announced a new enterprise version of the Google Glass smart eyeglasses. Over the past two years, Glass Enterprise Edition (Glass EE) has been tested at more than 50 companies including Boeing, DHL, GE, and Volkswagen, and is now more widely available via a...
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raspberry Pi 3
A total of 1,705 and LinuxGizmos readers voted for their favorite Linux-driven, community-backed SBCs in this survey.

Hacker Board Survey Results: More Raspberry Pi, Please

The results are in for the 2017 Hacker Board survey. A total of 1,705 and LinuxGizmos readers voted for their favorite Linux-driven, community-backed SBCs under $200 out of a catalog of 98. As with last year’s jointly sponsored survey, as well as the 2015 and 2014 polls, a Raspberry Pi...
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TurtleBot 3 Burger runs Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi 3 while the larger TurtleBot 3 Waffle integrates a more powerful, Atom-based Intel Joule computer-on-module.

Open Source TurtleBot 3 Robot Kit Runs Ubuntu and ROS on Raspberry Pi

The TurtleBot 2, which Open Robotics calls the “world’s most popular open source robot for education and research,” has long been the de facto development platform for the open source Robot Operating System (ROS). Many TurtleBot developers run ROS from Ubuntu, but Windows is also available on the...
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Lack of Experience May Plague IoT Security Startups

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings with it myriad opportunities and benefits across a range of industries — manufacturing, retail, telco, healthcare, to name a few. Eighty-five percent of businesses plan to implement IoT by 2019, according to an HPE Aruba study. But with this technology, and the...
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SBC survey
Take our short survey to rank your favorite hacker boards, and enter for a chance to win a free board.

Choose Your Favorite Linux Hacker SBCs and Enter to Win a Free Board

It’s once again time for our annual reader survey of open-spec, Linux- or Android-ready single board computers priced under $200. In collaboration with LinuxGizmos, we have published freshly updated summaries of 98 SBCs, up from 81 boards in our 2016 survey and 53 boards in our 2015 survey. You can...
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Toyota Uses Open-Source Software in New Approach to In-Car Tech

Toyota Motor Corp on Wednesday said the infotainment system of its revamped Camry sedan to be sold in the United States will run on a Linux-based, open-source technology platform as it tries to keep up with tech firms in developing software for cars. With the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) system in...
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An Introduction to Kotlin for Android Development

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language from JetBrains. It is fully ‘inter-operable’ with Java (meaning you can use Java frameworks and even mix commands from both in your code) and comes with no limitations. Android developers have actually been using Kotlin for some time already via a...
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