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Linux Foundation Creates a Framework for Sharing Open Data

The Linux Foundation wants to open up the use of data in much the same way it has helped make open-source software a technology force to be reckoned with. Announced at the Open Source Summit in Prague Monday, the new Community Data License Agreement is designed to cover the use of nonproprietary...
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OS Guides
This new, free online guide from The Linux Foundation -- Recruiting Open Source Developers -- can help you recruit developers or build internal talent.

Effective Strategies for Recruiting Open Source Developers

Experienced open source developers are in short supply. To attract top talent, companies often have to do more than hire a recruiter or place an ad on a popular job site. However, if you are running an open source program at your organization, the program itself can be leveraged as a very effective...
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Salesforce Offers 5 Tips for Open Source Program Success

Salesforce learned early on that open source projects stay healthy when they have a diverse community of stakeholders that have an interest in making the software succeed. Apache Phoenix started at Salesforce as its own open source Phoenix project. But it didn’t find success until people from...
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How to Define a Metrics Strategy for Your Community

In my experience, metrics serve three main functions: to increase awareness, to lead change, and to motivate. Awareness helps you understand where you are in relation to specific policies and goals. For example, if you don't know how many project contributions were made by under-represented...
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6 Reasons Open Source Is Good for Business

At a fundamental level, open source solutions are better than proprietary ones. Want to know why? Here are six reasons why businesses and government organizations benefit from using open source technology. 1. Easier vendor vetting Before you invest engineering and financial resources in integrating...
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Measure Success
"Measuring Your Open Source Program’s Success" is a free guide to help any organization learn exactly how their open source program is driving business value.

Measure Your Open Source Program’s Success

Open source programs are proliferating within organizations of all types, and if yours is up and running, you may have arrived at the point where you want to measure the program’s success. Many open source program managers are required to demonstrate the ROI of their programs, but even if there is...
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Europe Pledges Support for Open Source Government Solutions

European Union & EFTA nations recognize open source software as a key driver of government digital transformation. It was thus fitting that Estonia, the current EU presidency, brought together Ministers from 32 countries (under the umbrellas of the EU and European Free Trade Association) to...
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What’s Next in DevOps: 5 Trends to Watch

The term “DevOps” is typically credited to this 2008 presentation on agile infrastructure and operations. Now ubiquitous in IT vocabulary, the mashup word is less than 10 years old: We’re still figuring out this modern way of working in IT. Sure, people who have been “doing DevOps” for years have...
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Chasing Grace: A New Documentary Series about Women in Tech

After hearing several women in tech, smart women with bright futures, talk about leaving their jobs, Jennifer Cloer, Founder/Lead Consultant, reTHINKitPR, decided to launch the “Chasing Grace Project,” a six-episode documentary series about women in tech. The trailer debuted at the recent Linux...
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Building an Open Standard for Distributed Messaging: Introducing OpenMessaging

Through a collaborative effort from enterprises and communities invested in cloud, big data, and standard APIs, I’m excited to welcome the OpenMessaging project to The Linux Foundation. The OpenMessaging community’s goal is to create a globally adopted, vendor-neutral, and open standard for...
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