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Why the Open Source Community Needs a Diverse Supply Chain

At this year's Community Moderator's meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst made a comment that stuck with me. "Open source's supply chain is source code," he said, "and the people making up that supply chain aren't very diverse." Diversity and inclusivity in...
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Open source involves a culture of understanding change. It’s about evolution as a group, says Mesosphere’s CMO Peter Guagenti.

Sustainable Open Source Is About Evolution As a Group

In the early days of open source, one of the primary goals of the open source community was educating people about the benefits of open source and why they should use it. Today, open source is ubiquitous. Almost everyone is using it. That has created a unique challenge around educating new users...
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From Consumers to Contributors: The Evolution of Open Source in the Enterprise

Open source technologies are now an increasingly common sight in enterprise software stacks, with organisations using them to stand up their customer-facing and line-of-business applications, and power their infrastructure. Despite the best efforts of commercial software suppliers to position open...
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This article explains how to walk through, measure, and define strategies collaboratively in an open source community.

Why and How to Set an Open Source Strategy

Open source projects are generally started as a way to scratch one’s itch — and frankly that’s one of its greatest attributes. Getting code down provides a tangible method to express an idea, showcase a need, and solve a problem. It avoids over thinking and getting a project stuck in analysis-...
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How OpenChain Can Transform the Supply Chain

OpenChain is all about increasing open source compliance in the supply chain. This issue, which many people initially dismiss as a legal concern or a low priority, is actually tied to making sure that open source is as useful and frictionless as possible. In a nutshell, because open source is about...
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Autodesk is undergoing a company-wide shift to open source and inner source, which means applying open source development practices and methodologies to internal projects, even if the projects are proprietary.

Autodesk’s Shift to Open Source and Inner Source

Autodesk is undergoing a company-wide shift to open source and inner source. And that’s on top of the culture change that both development methods require. Inner source means applying open source development practices and methodologies to internal projects, even if the projects are proprietary. And...
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An important step in using open source code effectively is setting explicit guidelines to be followed.

Best Practices for Using Open Source Code

However, diving in and using open source code without an understanding of everything from legal risks to best development practices is perilous. Approaching open source code usage without best practices in place can also tarnish an organization’s reputation. That’s where the free, new Using Open...
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Beat the Biggest Threat to the Open Organization: Bias

Bias is the single greatest threat to the open organization. This is no exaggeration. In traditional organizations, responsibilities for evaluating ideas, strategies, contributions—even people—typically fall on (presumably) trained managers. In open organizations, that responsibility rests with...
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The Linux Foundation’s free online guide, Participating in Open Source Communities, can help organizations successfully navigate open source waters.

A Free Guide to Participating in Open Source Communities

The Linux Foundation’s free online guide Participating in Open Source Communities can help organizations successfully navigate these open source waters. The detailed guide covers what it means to contribute to open source as an organization and what it means to be a good corporate citizen. It...
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Should You Open Source Your Product? That’s the Wrong Question

I often get called in to help companies make decisions about their open source strategy. They want to release key parts of their software as open source, but they need some help figuring out the best way to make it happen. I always ask them the same question: Why? Why are you planning to open any...
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