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Canonical Offers Direct Docker Support to Ubuntu Users

Enterprise Ubuntu users running Docker in production now have a new source for Docker support: from Canonical. Earlier today, Canonical and Docker announced joint support for the commercial edition of Docker Engine on Ubuntu. The pair also will provide updates for Docker on Ubuntu through an...
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The Docker Monitoring Problem

This post is part 1 in a 4-part series about Docker monitoring. Part 2 explores metrics that are available from Docker, part 3 covers the nuts and bolts of collecting those Docker metrics, and part 4 describes how the largest TV and radio outlet in the U.S. monitors Docker. This article dives into...
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Health Checking Your Docker Containers

One of the new features in Docker 1.12 is how health check for a container can be baked into the image definition. And this can be overridden at the command line. Just like the CMD instruction, there can be multiple HEALTHCHECK instructions in Dockerfile but only the last one is effective. This is...
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5 Common Myths about Containers

Containers are faster. Containers work only on Linux. Containers are insecure. These are all examples of myths about Docker and other container platforms that continue to persist. Some of these misconceptions reflect popular misunderstandings of containers. Others are based on information that was...
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Kubernetes Founders Launch Heptio to Help Bring Containers to the Enterprise

For years, the public face of Kubernetes was one of project’s founders: Google group product manager Craig McLuckie. He started the open source container management project together with Joe Beda, Brendan Burns and a few other engineers inside of Google, which has since brought it under the...
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Richard Marshall
Richard Marshall of IAC Publishing Labs describes's adventures in navigating two decades of legacy infrastructure on the way to living the container native dream, in his presentation from LinuxCon North America.

Tilling the Brownfield: Bumps on the Road to the Container Dream

Greenfield buildouts are wonderful and we love them. We get to start from scratch and don't have to worry about compatibility with existing servers and applications, and don't have to struggle with preserving and migrating data. Greenfields are nice and clean and not messy. Greenfields are fun....
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Containers Moving Beyond Servers

So far, containers have been used mostly to develop or deploy apps to servers—specifically, x86 servers. But containers have a future beyond the data center, too. From internet of things (IoT) devices, to ARM servers, to desktop computers, containers also hold promise. It’s obvious enough why...
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How Docker Changes Application Monitoring

While collecting container metrics from Docker is straightforward, monitoring containerized applications presents many twists and turns. As Docker and containers make the leap from development into production in your organization, there are three factors to keep in mind when it comes to monitoring...
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SUSE, Microsoft, Linux and Containers: Open Source Continues Its Enterprise March

Open source has risen to become a truly viable option for enterprises due to the cost savings that can be achieved, the often faster production cycles, and the ability to tap into a growing community of highly skilled workers. While open source adoption may still face its challenges, it has seen a...
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GitLab, Consumer Driven Contracts, Helm and Kubernetes

Previously I wrote about the different type of services you can run in a Kubernetes cluster. This article will focus on building a workflow driven by Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for deploying the services on Kubernetes. We’ll develop and deliver an Application with two different...
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