Netronome Integrates P4 and C Programming on Production Server NICs

Netronome introduced a P4 and C compliant Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for dynamically programming new networking capabilities on its Agilio CX and LX family of intelligent server adapters (ISAs). The news is significant because bringing SDN capabilities into a server NIC could help...
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Lee Cheng
Lee Cheng of Newegg speaking at Collaboration Summit.

How Newegg is Winning the Battle Against Patent Trolls [Video]

As Lee Cheng explained in his keynote speech at the Collaboration Summit held March 29-31 in Lake Tahoe, California, fighting patent trolls as part of his job at Newegg Inc. is a natural progression from his earliest legal involvement in civil rights advocacy. In 1994, a non-profit organization...
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What Containers and Unikernels Can Learn from Arduino and Raspberry Pi

I had always viewed Arduinos and Raspberry Pi as these cool, little, specialized devices that can be used to make all kinds of fun gadgets. I came from the software side of the world and have always considered Linux on x86 and x86-64 "general purpose." The truth is, Arduinos are not specialized. In...
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Cloud Foundry’s Security Strategy: Rotate, Repair, Repave

Most enterprises are addressing security at the wrong tempo: They roll out what they assume are secured applications and infrastructure, and then are slow to make any changes, fretful that reconfigurations might open security holes. But the threat landscape is an always changing, and the...
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Ciena Says Toolkit Makes DevOps Easier

Ciena is unveiling a new software toolkit for its Blue Planet orchestration platform designed to help network operators embrace a DevOps approach to adding new services and features to their virtualized network infrastructure. The new tools can be used by telecom operators' own personnel or in...
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Cloud Foundry ‘Dojo’ Opening in Seattle, Hosted by HP Enterprise

Seattle will be one of only seven cities in North America and the UK to host a Cloud Foundry “Dojo,” giving programmers a six-week bootcamp to attain the ability to contribute source code to the popular open-source platform for developing cloud apps. Hewlett Packard Enterprise will host the Cloud...
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Why Dynamic Hyperconvergence Is the Gateway to the Software-Defined Data Center

Computing and storage platforms leveraged by most organizations today are not equipped to keep up with the breakneck pace of global business, nor are they able to handle the challenges associated with the massive growth of data. As more CIOs and IT decision makers look to reduce infrastructure...
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Public Cloud Computing Vendors: A Look at Strengths, Weaknesses, Big Picture

A Cowen & Co. survey of cloud computing customers found that providers are differentiating themselves on cost, support, APIs and other factors. Bottom line: The cloud game won't be winner take all. Public cloud vendors are establishing unique characteristics that indicate the market won't be a...
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Architecting Containers Part 5: Building a Secure and Manageable Container Software Supply Chain

In Architecting Containers Part 4: Workload Characteristics and Candidates for Containerization we investigated the level of effort necessary to containerize different types of workloads. In this article I am going to address several challenges facing organizations that are deploying containers –...
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Disruption in the Networking Hardware Marketplace

When we talk about disruption, it’s hard to point to any specific moment and be able to say it’s the one that changed things. You can point to the center of the ripples in the pond, and you’d be right to say those ripples were caused by the stone that fell in that spot, but that’s ignoring the arc...
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