What Does the Future of the Apache Software Foundation Hold?

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) will hold its second annual Apache: Big Data North America conference in Vancouver, BC, starting Monday next week. Alongside keynotes from companies like Netflix and IBM, and panels on a huge range of topics — from security and storage to managing distributed...
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Dirk Hohndel interviews Linus Torvalds at ELC.

Linus Torvalds Talks IoT, Smart Devices, Security Concerns, and More [Video]

For the first time in the 11-year history of the Embedded Linux Conference (ELC), held in San Diego, April 4-6, the keynotes included a discussion with Linus Torvalds. The creator and lead overseer of the Linux kernel, and “the reason we are all here,” in the words of his interviewer, Intel Chief...
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ApacheCon North America and Apache Big Data take place May 9-13, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.
Watch the livestream of ApacheCon North America and Apache Big Data May 9-13, 2016.

Watch Live Keynotes From Hadoop Creator Doug Cutting, + Speakers from Canonical, Databricks, Netflix, and more

Apache: Big Data and ApacheCon take place next week, May 9 - 13, in Vancouver, B.C., and The Linux Foundation is streaming the keynotes live for those who can't attend. Apache: Big Data, to be held May 9-12, gathers the Apache projects, people and technologies working in Big Data and is the only...
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DevOps Means Test Automation (too)

You have started down the road to DevOps. You have re-structured your teams and you are experimenting with DevOps tools and processes. You now understand that DevOps is a continuum that starts with planning and development and ends with deployment into operations. So where do you start your DevOps...
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Kubernetes-Powered PaaS Focuses on DevOps

The creator of Kel, a devops-focused PaaS for Web applications has released an open source edition of its platform. Kel is based on the container-cluster management system Kubernetes and was originally made to run Gondor, a managed host for Python and Django apps. Eldarion, the company behind...
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Microservices Require Robust API Management

As the microservices approach is becoming more prevalent in application development, API operations, or API Ops, is increasingly being recognized as a requisite skill amongst enterprise and startups. Microservices architecture breaks down services and assets into discrete, composable units. And...
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Infrastructure 'Coming to Life in a New Way,' SDN Inventor Says

There are those that believe the era of infrastructure is gone, but Martin Casado is not among them. Casado, now a venture capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz, discussed during a keynote address at the Interop conference here why we're now on the cusp of an evolutionary shift in the infrastructure...
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Open Wireless Standards Could Save Smart Cities 30% on Tech Costs

"Open standards can [ensure] money is invested more efficiently and dramatically accelerate IoT adoption and growth," said Jeremy Green, Machina analyst and author of the report. Machina provides market research and strategic guidance on M2M and IoT. Reliance on open standards should seem obvious,...
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Netbeast: A Cross-Platform Tool for the Internet of Things

When smart devices are closed, they're not smart at all. Netbeast is an open source platform for developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications for appliances and other devices. It's an environment-agnostic platform that allows users to ignore details like wireless protocols, brand-specific...
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Albert Greenberg, Director of Azure Networking and Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft, at Open Networking Summit 2016.
Albert Greenberg, Director of Azure Networking and Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft, at Open Networking Summit 2016.

Open Source Enables Scale-out in SDN Powered Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure’s programmable, scalable and high-performance network infrastructure is leveraging software-defined networking (SDN) principles as well as open source components to meet the demands of massive cloud-based production environments, said Albert Greenberg, Director of Azure Networking...
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