The threat of a Linux generation

Author: JT Smith Newsweek International (on reports that oung programmers turned off by Microsoft?s anti-piracy policies are looking to alternative software. "One of the burning issues in computer circles is whether servers ? the fastest-growing segment of the computer business ? are...
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Mozilla's revenge

Author: JT Smith From "' Hebrew is now supported on Solaris.' Thus reads the first line of the release notes for the most recent version of Mozilla, the open-source Web browser born out of Netscape's decline. And right there, you can learn all you really need to know about why free, or...
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Linux Motor provides all distributions with technical support

Author: JT Smith From LinuxPR: Linux Motor purposes different GPL'ed distributions (Red Hat, Mandrake, FreeBsd, Debian...) with technical support for a unique price 19.95$ for 60 days by Mail or 29.95$ by phone and E-Mail. Visit the Web Store
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Will Linux find a home in handhelds?

Author: JT Smith ComputerWorld Singapore (on reports that Linux is making inroads into the PDA market with "a number of handheld companies announcing support for the open source operating system. Lineo, which supplies the operating environment for a number of mobile devices, is upbeat...
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The need for Linux marketing

Author: JT Smith Joe writes: "Taken from a thread at: c=8201&forum=12&4. Linux software is in the same place now that DOS software was in the late 80's and early 90's. The trend then was shareware (Doom and Wolfenstein come to mind) and...
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LinuxQuestions Members Choice Awards: KDE kleans up

Author: JT Smith Dre writes, "The Dot is running a story about's Linux desktop poll, in which KDE made a great showing. It came in first in the Desktop Environment of the Year category with almost 69% of the votes. In addition, KDE standoutsKonqueror tied withMozilla (22%) as...
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NetBSD at the 4th Chemnitz Linux-day: a daemon among penguins

Author: JT Smith From BSD Today: "March 9/10 was a big "Linux" event at the university of Chemnitz, Germany. About 1500 attendees visited technical sessions in several tracks, went to the "install fest", watched demonstrations or participated in workshops. The event also had some BSD content: a...
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Author: JT Smith LPH writes "Just thought NewsForge readers would be interested in an email sent out by Michael Robertson. It appears they are about ready for Preview 2 of Lindows and a ruling from the Judge regarding the name." Category: Linux
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Linux group plots business desktop domination

Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes " carries a story that a pressure group called OpenForum Europe has been created to speed the take-up of open source software (OSS) in UK businesses. Comments are invited from registered users" Category: Open Source
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MandrakeSoft, here we go again

Author: JT Smith - By Jack Bryar - I love MandrakeSoft. I love its product. I think its software team is great, but the company's recent "strategy" of begging for money is ridiculous posture for any for-profit company. It may be time for MandrakeSoft to return to its roots. It must be that time...
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