LynxOS 4.0 attains "holy grail" of Linux ABI compatibility

Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes "Delivering on a promise made in November 1999, LynuxWorks today unveiled a major upgrade to its LynxOS real-time operating system (RTOS), which the company claims is now the first hard real-time operating system to provide binary compatibility with Linux...
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developerWorks toolbox sample CD and DVD

Author: JT Smith ShellDawg writes: "Here's a great way to get all the IBM middleware sent to you for free. IBM is giving away a free CD or DVD filled with alphaWorks technologies, white papers and the following IBM applications ported to Linux: IBM DB2 Universal Database Enterprise/Personal Edt. V7...
Read 0 Comments releases version 2.4 of Kivio mp

Author: JT Smith LinuxPR: "Our premier flowcharting, graphing and vector graphics package for Linux and Windows now has a new release with more features and bug fixes. Kivio mp is similar to Visio from Microsoft but we go beyond just using stencils to provide generic vector graphic ability...
Read 0 Comments releases fingerprinting Port 80 attacks

Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes: "They have released a followup to Part one which talked about the attack signatures attackers leave when attacking your web applications. Good paper that explains what you may find in your logs and what they may mean. Fingerprinting Port 80 Attacks part two...
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Microsoft: Apple's enemy or savior?

Author: JT Smith NewsFactor Network writes: "Five years ago, Microsoft and Apple signed a controversial pact that brought the two firms together in a software development and innovation-sharing relationship. Since then, the relationship has blossomed. By delivering two of the most critical...
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Game over for Loki

Author: JT Smith "This is the week that Loki Software, Inc., the once-promising Linux games company that came to resemble Enron writ small, disappears beneath the waves forever. As with Enron, the company heads appear to have come out okay, leaving unpaid employees holding the short end of the...
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2001 Members Choice Awards

Author: JT Smith jeremy writes: The 2001 Members Choice Awards have come to a close. You can view the results here. Thank you to everyone that voted. Here are the winners: Browser of the year - Konqueror AND Mozilla ------------------------- This was one of the closest awards....
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People of KDE: Neil Stevens

Author: JT Smith features Stevens, who works on "Kit, Kaboodle, Megami, and a bunch of hard-to-translate Noatun plugins." Category: Migration
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Microtronix announces integration of Embedded Linux with Altera SOPC Builder

Author: JT Smith It's on PRNewswire: Microtronix (, a leading integrator of embedded hardware and software, announced today that they will support the creation of customized embedded Linux(R) kernels in the Altera(R) SOPC Builder automated system development tool....
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Will Linux find a home in handhelds?

Author: JT Smith reports that despite its advantages, Linux still lags behind Palm and Microsoft when it comes to powering PDAs.
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