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Adobe CFF Engine Release Improves Linux, Android Mobile Text Experience

Linux and Android users may have recently noticed that the text on their mobile screens is a bit easier to read. That's because devices that render fonts using the FreeType open source library now have access to Adobe's CFF Engine. In June, Adobe joined with Google and FreeType to add its CFF font rasterizer technology to the FreeType Project. Here, Nicole Minoza, Adobe’s product marketing manager for Type Globalization Core services, discusses how the addition of Adobe's CFF Engine to FreeType benefits Linux and Android users and developers; why Adobe released its CFF Engine to the open source community; and other open source projects underway at Adobe.

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Collaborative Projects: Transforming the Way Software is Built

I got involved with Linux and open source in the mid-90s. I had a routine: I would check out LKML, go to bed  and wake up in the morning and find thousands of messages from developers around the world innovating and iterating at an unprecedented rate of change. Nothing had or has since compared with that rate of innovation: I was hooked on open source collaboration, and I’ve never looked back.

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Wargaming Mobilizes with Linux and Open Source

Online game developer and publisher Wargaming relies on Linux and open source software to produce and distribute its line of popular military strategy games, says Maksim Melnikau, solution architect at Wargaming in this Q&A with 

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Webinar: Reduce Product Lifecycles with Linux and Yocto Project

This training webinar will outline how the Yocto Project helps engineers tackle a multitude of common challenges when doing embedded development...

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3.10 Linux Kernel Development Rate

While working on the latest statistics for the yearly Linux Foundation “Who Writes Linux” paper, I noticed the rate-of-change for the 3.10 kernel release that just happened this weekend: Every year I think we can’t go faster, and every year I’m wrong. Note, the “number of employers” row is not...

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