More women online than men

Author: JT Smith For the first time, women have passed men as the majority group online, according to a new survey.
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Former Go Network executive sentenced

Author: JT Smith A former Disney Internet executive has been sentenced to nine months in home detention for crossing state lines intending to have sex with a minor he contacted over the Internet.
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Judge rejects spammers' request

Author: JT Smith A judge has turned down an Internet polling company's request that it be immediately removed from a nonprofit group's blacklist of businesses. Category: Open Source
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Elvis on the World Wide Web

Author: JT Smith On the 23rd anniversary of his death, the King will go digital.
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'Viral marketing' is like the plague

Author: JT Smith Marketing - whether in the form of giveaway gimmicks or online word-of-mouth methods - contributed to the high traffic volume of the top 10 sites logging new visitors in June. Category: Open Source
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Survivor software just wants to have fun

Author: JT Smith Tens of thousands of fans of the popular CBS show are visiting for updates, and all they get is some lousy advertising.
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Author: JT Smith Online retailer and toy giant Toys R Us Inc. are collaborating to make a toy and video games store and a baby products store on's Web site. Category: Open Source
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Music alternatives: file sharing beyond Napster

Author: JT Smith "Go ahead, shut down Napster," the music-sharing community seems to be saying.
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Fostering the Linux spirit

Author: JT Smith Spare parts are like gemstones to Linux advocates -- they're hard to find, harder to keep and usually more precious than rubies. Category: Linux
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Netscape's Smart Download gets less snoopy

Author: JT Smith The company says it will stop the illegal gathering of private information from users of the program.
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