Definitive guide to writing a Linux virus

Author: JT Smith From "Following on from this week's discovery of the Jac Linux virus, an open source hacker from the University of Linz, Austria, has released a definitive guide to writing Linux viruses ... Alexander Bartolich released 'the Linux virus writing howto' ... Bartolich...
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AOL switches from IE to Netscape in beta test

Author: JT Smith The Register's take on this story: "AOL has -- finally -- shipped a beta of its software that uses Netscape technology rather than IE. This suggests, barring major breakages in the interim, that the company could contrive a defection from the Microsoft camp with the rollout of of...
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Netscape programmer was there for the "wild ride" of's birth

Author: JT Smith - by Tina Gasperson - Open up Netscape 4.x and type "about:akkana" in the location bar. You'll get a page full of information about Akkana Peck: she's a Mozilla developer who's actually employed by Netscape and paid to work on the open source stuff. She's been employed as a...
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Author: JT Smith From LinuxPR: " has announced a new webring 'Linux Sites' to the Linux community. The webring's purpose is to promote Linux sites which do not get much exposure elsewhere."
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IBM developer speaks on software patents

Author: JT Smith Hans Schou writes, "At the Linux Forum 2002 Dr. Karl-Heinz Strassemeyer from IBM in Böblingen, Germany, gave an interview to Ole Tange, SSLUG, on how IBM deals with software patents when IBM is developing Linux. In the Open Source community Dr. Karl-Heinz Strassemeyer is...
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RidgeRun enables broad, commercial embedded Linux

Author: JT Smith From Jamie Dillon: Driving open-source prevalence further into the mass commercial market, RidgeRun, Inc., announced today that it has created dynamic shared library support for developers who are creating a broad variety of applications for embedded devices. With the industry's...
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Roaring Penguin: stay legal: Use Free Software

Author: JT Smith From LinuxPR: CAAST, the Canadian Alliance against Software Theft, is promoting a truce for businesses and organizations with improperly-licensed proprietary software. Roaring Penguin Software Inc. would like to help you avoid costly software audits and potential fines, and help...
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Modwest named to 'Top 100 Modwest named to top 100 dynamic hosting providers list

Author: JT Smith Company recognized for powerful, affordable Linux managed hosting solutions. In's annual recognition of the top one hundred most dynamic hosting solution providers, Modwest was recognized for their powerful, affordable managed hosting solutions. The awards were...
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Linux on a floppy, an intro to mini Linux distributions

Author: JT Smith John Gowin writes, Linux Orbit has posted and introduction to single floppy Linux distribtuions. 'If you've purchased a Linux distribution off the shelf, then you know that Linux distributions come in all shapes and sizes. Lately, it seems that with each new distribution release...
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Crypto-Gram for March 15

Author: JT Smith LinuxSecurity Contributors: "In this issue SNMP vulnerabilities, "Responsible Disclosure" by the IETF, Terrorists, Cryptography and Export Laws, and info on Bernstein's Factoring Breakthrough." _article-...
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