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Open Clustering & Scyld Computing Corporation announce partnership

Author: JT Smith James Chivers writes: "Surrey, UK, 14th March 2002 - Open Clustering and Scyld Computing Corporation announce partnership, and Open Clustering becomes a member of the Scyld Authorised Vendor program." High-performance cluster deployments from Open Clustering will feature pre-...
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Preferential treatment in distribution model not new

Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes: " has posted Preferential Treatment In Distribution Model Not New. It asserts that Apple imac distribution problem extends beyond Apple, and even impacts Linux." Category: Linux
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Desktop Linux: The time has come

Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes, "There are many who find it puzzling that desktop Linux has not garnered as much market share as it so obviously deserves. There is so very little that organizat ions cannot do with Linux, existing open source software, and commercial software running on...
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Lots of Linux at Embedded Systems Conference 2002

Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes, " has published their weekly newsletter of the latest goings on in the Embedded Linux market. It features a comprehensive roundup of many announcements from this week's Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco, CA. Read it here."...
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Dvorak: Is Linux your next OS?

Author: JT Smith I. Valdes writes, "No less a personage than John Dvorak has weighed in (on on the near future of Linux: '...Unfortunately, the Linux community spends too much of its energy on things such as nomenclature (like the name GNU/Linux versus Linux). I sense that Linux is at a...
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Privacy software makes post 9-11 comeback

Author: JT Smith The Register reports that privacy software is becoming more popular. " Zero Knowledge Systems has added a low-cost surfing plug-in for Windows Internet Explorer that lets you bypass much of the junk that online advertisers and spammers use to build up user profiles. WebSecure costs...
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Caldera fights it out in the stock market with reverse split

Author: JT Smith - By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols - Remember when people fought over getting Linux company stock options? Today, it's the Linux companies fighting to keep their stock prices above water. Caldera, in danger of being delisted by Nasdaq thanks to a stock price lurking around 50 cents a...
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SurfControl unveils advanced bandwidth management for enterprise filtering

Author: JT Smith From PRNewswire: SurfControl, the number one Internet filtering company in the global security market, today announced SuperScout(R) Web Filter VS(TM) 2.1, the new version of its high-velocity filtering software for managing Internet access in the enterprise. Version 2.1 offers...
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Netscape's folly: A lawsuit against Microsoft

Author: JT Smith reports that "the loser in the browser wars has filed a private antitrust suit against Microsoft. But the company doesn't deserve to win."
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Piracy, or innovation? It's Hollywood vs. high tech

Author: JT Smith The New York Times (free registration needed) has a story about the copyright wars between technology groups and Hollywood. "Leaders of two of the nation's most prominent industries, entertainment and technology, have begun publicly sniping at each other over how to stop consumers...
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