License fees for SuSE Linux?

Author: JT Smith PDAJames writes "SuSE says it will have Linux ported to Hammer by November. This interview says that they also might be converting the entire German parliament over to Linux, and that they're going to start charging 'license fees' for SuSE Linux." Category: Linux
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OS X and Me, perfect together

Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes: "I have to admit that I haven't been the most ideal Mac user out there in fact I totally left the Mac party all together in 1998, not for enemy (Windows) but for Linux. For the last few years I've used nothing but Linux, (even started a Linux website,...
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AbiWord: Open Source's answer to Microsoft Word

Author: JT Smith O'Reilly: "Tired of putting up with Microsoft Word's bloated file size and price, but still need to deal with documents in Word format? Then you should take a serious look at AbiWord. This open source word processor is able to read and write most documents...
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Curious employees are biggest security risk

Author: JT Smith Register: "Forget about Internet crackers, employees are the biggest security problem for most businesses. That's the main conclusion of a survey of UK IT managers which suggests that most firms are prepared for the threats posed by viruses and hackers, but are still struggling to...
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Testing your memory, the Open Source way

Author: JT Smith - By Russell C. Pavlicek - You are probably used to seeing the memory test that occurs when you boot most PCs. This proves that your machine has good memory, right? Well, not exactly. The memory test a PC performs is quite basic: it will turn up gross failures in memory....
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Making Free Software pay

Author: JT Smith The BBC has a column on Red Hat's success in Europe. "Because Linux is created and maintained by a worldwide army of programmers - essentially just volunteers - it belongs to no-one and is open to all. Yet Dieter Hoffmann, Managing Director Central Europe of Red Hat Linux, says...
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Definitive guide to writing a Linux virus

Author: JT Smith From "Following on from this week's discovery of the Jac Linux virus, an open source hacker from the University of Linz, Austria, has released a definitive guide to writing Linux viruses ... Alexander Bartolich released 'the Linux virus writing howto' ... Bartolich...
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AOL switches from IE to Netscape in beta test

Author: JT Smith The Register's take on this story: "AOL has -- finally -- shipped a beta of its software that uses Netscape technology rather than IE. This suggests, barring major breakages in the interim, that the company could contrive a defection from the Microsoft camp with the rollout of of...
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Netscape programmer was there for the "wild ride" of's birth

Author: JT Smith - by Tina Gasperson - Open up Netscape 4.x and type "about:akkana" in the location bar. You'll get a page full of information about Akkana Peck: she's a Mozilla developer who's actually employed by Netscape and paid to work on the open source stuff. She's been employed as a...
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Author: JT Smith From LinuxPR: " has announced a new webring 'Linux Sites' to the Linux community. The webring's purpose is to promote Linux sites which do not get much exposure elsewhere."
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