Essentials of OpenStack Administration Part 1: Cloud Fundamentals

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Most Linux distributions based on Ubuntu will allow you the option to "Install Alongside Windows."  You should see this option in the installation process.  This will give your computer a dual booting capacity between Linux and Windows 10.  I personally use Linux Lite (www.linuxliteos.com).  For your computer you may like also consider Linux Mint (www.linuxmint.com).

Video: Linux Kernel Developers Greg Kroah-Hartman and Ted Ts'o Discuss Software Freedom

Software Freedom Law Center, the pro-bono law firm led by Eben Moglen, Professor of law at Columbia Law School and the world's foremost authority on Free and Open Source Software law held its annual fall conference at Columbia  Law School, New York on Oct. 28. The full-day program featured technical and legal presentations on Blockchain, FinTech, Automotive FOSS and GPL Compliance by industry and community stalwarts.

LFD301 Introduction to Linux, Open Source Development, and GIT

Linux is exploding, and the demand for Linux developers has never been stronger. This course will introduce you to the world of Linux development and give you the background and training you need to start working with Linux. If you’ve been thinking about getting into Linux development, this is the best place to start!

LFS462 Open Source Virtualization

Students will learn KVM from the ground up with a focus on QEMU and libvirt, as well as Xen, and will understand how these and other related open source components can be assembled to create a virtual IT infrastructure. There is a focus on practical deployment skills, securing the virtual infrastructure, and administering solutions. There will also be detailed material about using containers. There are low-level lab exercises focused on virtual images and snapshots, deployment, VM creation and maintenance, integration with networking infrastructure, device pass-through and more.


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