Establishing Free and Open Source Software Compliance Programs: Challenges and Solutions

Ibrahim Haddad (Ph.D.), The Linux Foundation

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This white paper is a second in a series that focus on the practical aspects of ensuring free and open source software (FOSS) compliance in the enterprise. The first paper entitled “FOSS Compliance: The Basics You Must Know”, available from the Linux Foundation web site1, provided a discussion on the multi-source development model, the need for compliance, objectives and benefits, the consequences of non- compliance, possible compliance failures, how to avoid them and lessons learned. This paper picks up from where the first paper left off and provides a discussion on the following topics:

  • The elements of a successful compliance program that will allow a company to capture, govern and track all software components (proprietary, 3rd party commercial and FOSS) included in its commercial products.
  • The list of common challenges related to establishing and maintaining compliance programs and how to overcome these challenges and ensure successful compliance program implementation


About the Author (Ibrahim Haddad, Ph.D.)

Ibrahim Haddad is Director of Technology and Alliances at the Linux Foundation focusing on Mobile Linux initiatives and advancing the Linux platform for next-generation mobile computing devices.

August 2010
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