Open Source Cloud System Software

Cloud computing is changing the IT market in a multitude of ways. Public clouds are changing the way enterprises deploy computing resources, and private clouds are changing how enterprises approach their own IT. Open source software has played a leading role in the development of public clouds and now is moving into the private cloud space. Most open source cloud software builds on existing open source (Xen and KVM) or proprietary hypervisors and operating systems (Linux) by developing a new complementary class of software that IDC terms "cloud system software." Cloud system software provides abstraction and APIs at a higher level than a hypervisor. Open source cloud system software such as CloudStack, Eucalyptus, and OpenStack allows enterprises to build "Amazon style" clouds in their own datacenters. This IDC White Paper examines the results of a recent IDC enterprise cloud system software survey that probes the use of cloud system software in the enterprise and the role of open source and community.

Download: IDC White Paper: Open Source Cloud System Software.

About the Authors

Gary Chen is Research Manager for IDC's Cloud and Virtualization System Software.

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