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Where do I get a compatible WiFi USB adapter for my Linux 17 Qiana?

where do I get a compatible wifi usb adapter for my linux 17 Qiana on an old rebuilt Dell?
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How to install startech 4 port pci sata raid controller drivers in mint 17.1

18 yr old Old Dell Dimension 2400 tower with 2GB memory (max), nVidia Graphics (w/memory) and 2.66GHz bus. 5 RAID rack dumb tower with four 160GB IDE hard drives to be JBOD (not setting up a RAID; Just a JBOD) Independent 460W PSU attached to RAID/JBOD StarTech 4 port PCI SATA RAID controller...
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Can no one answer the question of: How to enable / link my Network Adapter to the OS (Backtrack 5)

After booting up BT5 I find I cannot start Networking because the Adapter is not linked to the OS. Any other Linux Distro i've used does not present the same problem & Networking is readily available. But BT5 appears to be a shell & is built as you go along. What ought to be automatically...
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help with wireless adapter

I think my system was hacked while on the internet. I forgot to turn on my firewall. Somehow the wireless adapter was turned off with a hardware switch. I dont know how to turn it back on, short of re-installing the operating system. The wireless adapter works fine when I remember to turn on the...
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I think my Linux system was hacked while surfing. My wireless adapter was turned off by hardware. how do I turn this back on. This has happened to me 3 times with 3 different linux versions. If I forget to turn on the firewall.

I think my computer was "hacked". My wireless adapter was turned off. The airplane mode is now on, and I cant turn it off inside Linux. This has happened inside linux Mint 12, and now Ubuntu. I forgot to turn on my firewall.
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