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how can i filter huge loge text file

up vote 0 down vote favorite if i have data 15:29:05:493582: Impact Cost :Current[0.20] Required[5.00] Bid[price:3195 qty:450] Ask[price:3215 qty:600]. 15:29:05:480193: Impact Cost :Current[0.15] Required[5.00] Bid[price:3195 qty:450] Ask[price:3210 qty:75]. 15:29:05:462943: Impact Cost :Current[0....
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I want to switch from windows to Linux

Is Linux run entirely by commands or can I use a mouse while I'm learning?
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Sed?awk? What command should I use?

Hello, I have an output text file extracted by ldapsearch that has a wrong format due 80 columns limitation. What I need now is a command that could bring the wrapped lines back to the correct sequence (see below): dn: cn=epz0016,ou=Contractors,ou=People,o=acme$ ACL: 6#entry#cn=epz0016,ou=...
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