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Which VPN is the Best for Internet Anonymity?

So guys, I've been trying to get this straight. While I often decide on what VPN to use after having a VPN comparison check on the best vpn on net, I'd like to know if there are any other tools that can help me do the same; perhaps faster. 
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VPN issues/difficulties

Every instruction regarding setting up a VPN is far too difficult for most people. No mention of WERE to get keys/certificates/etc nor what to do with them. No explanation of what settings do what or why. "CA cert/Cert/Key/DH Key/TA key: Location of the certificates generated on the server and...
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Questions about setting up OpenVPN

I am looking for a free/cheep vpn server for the LAN in our community. It seems to me that openVPN would fit the bill, but there are a few questions that I would like to ask before spending a great deal of time trying to set it up Our setup is a bit more complex than most, I would say. All...
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