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How Google Turned Open Source Into A Key Differentiator For Its Cloud Platform

Open source software has come of its age. Today it’s impossible to think of a platform company that doesn’t have an open source strategy. Even Microsoft – a company that once compared open source to cancer – has embraced it fully. Of course, we have companies like CloudBees, Red Hat and Docker that...
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Amazon’s Deep Learning Engine Is Now an Apache Project

Amazon Web Services has seemingly found open source religion over the past several months, including in the field of artificial intelligence. On Monday, the cloud computing arm of Amazon announced that MXNet, its framework of choice for building deep learning systems, has been accepted into the...
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Chris Schlaeger
Chris Schlaeger, Director Kernel and Operating Systems, Amazon Development Center Germany, keynoting LinuxCon Europe with 10 Lessons from 10 Years of EC2.

10 Lessons from 10 Years of Amazon

Amazon launched their Simple Storage Service (S3) service about 10 years ago followed shortly by Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). In the past 10 years, Amazon has learned a few things about running these services. In his keynote at LinuxCon Europe, Chris Schlaeger, Director Kernel and Operating Systems...
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Oracle Takes On Amazon in Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle barely shows up on the charts of biggest IaaS providers. The vendor is looking to change that. Larry Ellison, Oracle's founder and CTO, announced the new services from the opening keynote at Oracle OpenWorld, the company's big customer conference, which kicked off Sunday. Read more at Light...
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Amazon Web Services Introduces Load Balancing for Containers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) says it now delivers application load balancing for containers. The load balancing news comes as part of AWS’s move to make it easer for its customers to use containers. To do that, it’s in the process of integrating capabilities of its Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2...
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Price Is Not the Driving Factor in the Cloud Services Biz

According to 451 Research’s latest Cloud Price Index (CPI), the cloud services sector is a long way from being a commodity market. Price, the CPI indicates, barely affects market share, while value-added services comprise the real driver in the sector. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google have been...
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Amazon Open-Sources its Own Deep Learning Software, DSSTNE

Amazon has suddenly made a remarkable entrance into the world of open-source software for deep learning. Yesterday the ecommerce company quietly released a library called DSSTNE on GitHub under an open-source Apache license. Deep learning involves training artificial neural networks on lots of data...
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