Internet History Timeline: ARPANET to the World Wide Web

Credit for the initial concept that developed into the World Wide Web is typically given to Leonard Kleinrock. In 1961, he wrote about ARPANET, the predecessor of the Internet, in a paper entitled "Information Flow in Large Communication Nets." Kleinrock, along with other innnovators such as J.C.R...
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The World’s Very First Spam: A Remembrance

This month saw the 39th anniversary of the world’s very first spam. It was written on May 1st, 1978 — and sent on May 3rd — by then 31-year-old Gary Thuerk, from Chicago. Young Thuerk had served as an officer in the Navy, and had written FORTRAN programs for IBM mainframes. After one year at...
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Systems We Love: How the Past Informs Our Present

It started with a July tweet asking if there was interest and after dozens of responses (and 161 “likes”) it was on. By mid-October, organizers for the first-ever “Systems We Love” conference had received 162 submissions for just 19 speaking slots, and “I marked 70 as ‘would love to see’,”...
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