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MySQL Infrastructure Testing Automation at GitHub

Our MySQL infrastructure is a critical component to GitHub. MySQL serves GitHub.com, GitHub’s API, authentication and more. Every git request touches MySQL in some way. We are tasked with keeping the data available, and maintaining its integrity. Even while our MySQL clusters serve traffic, we need...
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GitLab Data Loss Incident Prompts a Review of its Restore Processes

A short outage this week on the GitLab hosted code service struck a combination of fear and sympathy across the tech community and offered a sharp reminder of the importance of testing your backups again and again (and again). On Tuesday, a GitLab administrator had accidentally erased a directory...
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How to Clone or Backup Linux Disk Using Clonezilla

Clonezilla is one of the greatest Open Source backup tool for Linux. Its Graphical User Interface combined with a simpler, fast and intuitive guided command line wizard that runs on top of a live Linux Kernel makes it a perfect candidate back-up tool for every sysadmin out there. With Clonezilla,...
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This article shows how to use rsync and duplicity for strong protection against data loss.

Managing Encrypted Backups in Linux: Part 1

Encrypted backups are great, but what if something goes wrong and you can't read your encrypted files? In this two-part series, I’ll show how to use rsync and duplicity as your belt-and-suspenders protection against data loss. Part 1 shows how to create and automate simple backups. In part 2, I'll...
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Learn how to use Attic to dedupe your backups and save space.

Let Attic Deduplicate and Store your Backups

Data loss is one of those things we never want to worry about. To that end we go to great lengths to find new techniques and software packages to ensure those precious bits of data are safely backed up to various local and remote media. Backups come in many forms, each with their benefits. One such...
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