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vkmark: More Than a Vulkan Benchmark

Say hello to vkmark, a Vulkan benchmarking tool providing an extensible suite of targeted, configurable benchmarking scenes. Written by Alexandros Frantzis, Senior Software Engineer at Collabora. Ever since Vulkan was announced a few years ago, the idea of creating a Vulkan benchmarking tool in the...
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Apache: Big Data
Learn more about NEXmark, a unified framework to evaluate Big Data and processing systems with Apache Beam at Apache: Big Data, coming up May 16-18 in Miami.

NEXmark: A Benchmarking Framework for Processing Data Streams

ApacheCon North America is only a few weeks away -- happening May 16-18  in Miami. This year, it’s particularly exciting because ApacheCon will be a little different in how it’s set up to showcase the wide variety of Apache topics, technologies, and communities. Apache: Big Data is part of the...
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How to Benchmark Your Linux System

If you go out looking for PC benchmark results, there’s a very strong chance the tests won’t perfectly translate to performance under Linux, since they were likely run in Windows. This is particularly true if certain hardware has limited support in the Linux kernel. However, there are still plenty...
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