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Watson Service Chaining With OpenWhisk (Part 1 of 3)

OpenWhisk can merge the power of Watson with the simple beauty of serverless computing. As we delve into Watson services, we'll cover the building blocks here. This three-part series will help you understand the in-depth features of Serverless Computing via OpenWhisk. OpenWhisk offers an easy way...
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IBM Chases Google, Microsoft with Kubernetes in the Cloud

This morning IBM announced the next logical step in its work with Docker containers: Kubernetes support on its Bluemix Container Service. Currently available in a limited beta, its feature set should match Google's and Microsoft's offerings. Kubernetes, the Bluemix way Previously, the default for...
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IBM Updates Bluemix OpenWhisk Serverless Platform

As evidence of just how hot serverless computing appears to be for developers in the cloud, IBM has added a slew of new features to its Bluemix OpenWhisk platform. Big Blue introduced the OpenWhisk platform at its InterConnect 2016 conference in Las Vegas in February. Since then the technology has...
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Can IBM Really Make a Business Out of Blockchain?

On Tuesday, IBM announced the formal launch of a so-called “Bluemix Garage” in New York, where developers can experiment with financial-tech software and explore new forms of blockchain innovation.  According to Jerry Cuomo, vice president of blockchain and cloud at IBM, the plan will succeed...
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