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Building A Custom Brigade Gateway in 5 Minutes

Brigade gateways trigger new events in the Brigade system. While the included GitHub and container registry hooks are useful, the Brigade system is designed to make it easy for you to build your own. In this post, I show the quickest way to create a Brigade gateway using Node.js. How quick? We...
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How Brigade Shares Data Between Containers

Brigade provides a way to script multiple containers to perform a task. With Brigade, you can build things like CI systems, ETL pipelines, and distributed batch processors. One of the critical capabilities of Brigade is its ability to share data between containers. This article describes the two...
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Microsoft Launches Brigade: An Event-Driven Scripting Tool for Kubernetes

To this end, Microsoft has been populating the container space with open source tools that make containerized workloads faster to adopt, easier to use — and, increasingly, reliably automated. So far, 2017 has seen Microsoft acquire Deis, which developed Helm. Helm is a package manager to install...
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