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3 Android Apps to Help You Learn Linux

Everyone learns in different ways. For some the best means is by doing, while for others it's all about reading. No matter your preference, there's an app for that. Even for learning the Linux operating system. That's right, Linux. If you're a systems administrator, an understanding of Linux has...
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Guide to Linux
The Guide to Linux app is not perfect, but it's a great tool to help you learn your way around Linux commands.

Guide to Linux App Is a Handy Tool for Every Level of Linux User

Remember when you first started out with Linux? Depending on the environment you’re coming from, the learning curve can be somewhat challenging. Take, for instance, the number of commands found in /usr/bin alone. On my current Elementary OS system, that number is 1,944. Of course, not all of those...
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Linux Installation Types: Server Vs. Desktop

I have previously covered obtaining and installing Ubuntu Linux, and this time I will touch on desktop and server installations. Both types of installation address certain needs. The different installs are downloaded separately from Ubuntu. You can choose which one you need from Ubuntu.com/...
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Here Are All the Git Commands I used Last Week, and What They Do

Like most newbies, I started out searching StackOverflow for Git commands, then copy-pasting answers, without really understanding what they did. Image credit: XKCD Well, here I am years later to compile such a list, and lay out some best practices that even intermediate-advanced developers...
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20 Linux Commands Every Sysadmin Should Know

In a world bursting with new tools and diverse development environments, it's practically a necessity for any developer or engineer to learn some basic sysadmin commands. Specific commands and packages can help developers organize, troubleshoot, and optimize their applications and—when things go...
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A Tour of the Kubernetes Source Code Part One: From kubectl to API Server

Kubernetes continues to experience explosive growth and software developers that are able to understand and contribute to the Kubernetes code base are in high demand. Learning the Kubernetes code base is not easy. Kubernetes is written Go which is a fairly new programming language and it has a...
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