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Disruption in the Networking Hardware Marketplace

When we talk about disruption, it’s hard to point to any specific moment and be able to say it’s the one that changed things. You can point to the center of the ripples in the pond, and you’d be right to say those ripples were caused by the stone that fell in that spot, but that’s ignoring the arc...
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The (R)Evolution of Network Operations

Since the mid-1990s, the costs of compute, storage, and memory have been steadily plummeting. The commoditization revolution in compute (“x86 everywhere”), combined with the commercialization of distributed systems programming models, has taken huge advantage of this economic situation. At the same...
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Enhancing Network Security With SDN Automation

When it comes to software-defined networking (SDN) automation, certain benefits frequently get more attention than others. Take, for instance, the simultaneous provisioning of network functions and servers, which allows applications to become available in minutes instead of days or weeks. Often...
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