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Matthew Garrett
Security of the boot chain is a vital component of any other security solution, said Matthew Garrett of CoreOS in his presentation at Linux Security Summit.

Matthew Garrett Explains How to Increase Security at Boot Time

Security of the boot chain is a vital component of any other security solution, said Matthew Garrett of CoreOS in his presentation at Linux Security Summit. If someone is able to tamper with your boot chain then any other security functionality can be subverted. And, if someone can interfere with...
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CoreOS Linux is now available in China.

Microsoft Azure Brings CoreOS Linux to China

CoreOS Linux, an open source Linux operating system, is now available in China. Microsoft Azure operator 21Vianet has become the first officially supported cloud provider to offer CoreOS Linux in China. Until now, many Chinese organizations have deployed CoreOS Linux internally, on their own. "As a...
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The Quest to Make Code Work Like Biology Just Took A Big Step

The Google search engine isn’t software that runs on a single machine. Serving millions upon millions of people around the globe, it’s software that runs on thousands of machines spread across multiple computer data centers. Google runs this entire service like a biological system, as a vast...
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Linus Torvalds will speak at the upcoming LinuxCon Japan conference.

This Week in Linux News: OpenSwitch Now a Linux Foundation Project, Linus Torvalds to Speak at LinuxCon Japan, & More

New open source networking project, OpenSwitch, is now a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. HPE’s OpenSwitch Project Gets Linux Foundation Backing- SiliconANGLE Linus Torvalds will speak at LinuxCon Japan this July. ContainerCon and LinuxCon Japan 2016 Events to Take Place July 13-15 in Tokyo...
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CoreOS Launches a Kubernetes-Friendly Storage System: Torus

Continuing to innovate at a rapid clip within the container orchestration space,CoreOS has launched an open source project aimed to give Kubernetes users a proper storage system to work with their pods. The goal behind Torus is to provide scalable storage to container clusters orchestrated by...
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Containers and Persistent Data Storage on Docker and CoreOS

As containers from Docker and other vendors grow in popularity, so does the need for enterprise-ready data storage solutions that work well with containers. Here's an overview of the challenges on this front, and how developers are solving them. You may be wondering why data storage for containers...
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Project Calico, Flannel Join Forces for Policy-Secured Networking

Traditional approaches to network management and security are ill-suited for the fluid nature of container and microservices-based architectures. Containers appear, disappear and are moved around to different compute nodes far too frequently to be assigned static IP addresses, much less be...
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CoreOS Fest: Tigera Launches Canal Container Networking Effort

Project Calico comes together with CoreOS' flannel to create new open-source Canal project, backed by Tigera. At the CoreOS Fest here one of the big pieces of news is a new networking effort called Canal. Canal is an open-source effort that combines Project Calico which has been led by Metaswitch...
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CoreOS Funding Hits $48M as Container Momentum Builds

At the CoreOS Fest event in Berlin, CoreOS announced a new $28 million round funding, bringing total funding to date to $48 million. In addition to the new funding, CoreOS unveiled multiple new efforts, including a new version of its etcd distributed key store, BitTorrent-based container image...
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CoreOS’s Stackanetes Puts OpenStack in Containers

CoreOS said a few weeks ago it was working on a way to run OpenStack as an application on the Kubernetescontainer platform. Today the company says it has done just that with its new Stackanetes. Stackanetes puts OpenStack in containers as a way to make OpenStack easier to use, according to Alex...
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