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How to Docker Compose a Developer Environment: An Open Source Example

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, you should strive to have a simple and repeatable way of setting up a dev environment for your project. In this blog post we are going to go into details of an example from one of the open source projects at Akvo. IMHO, having a painless way of setting up a...
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Docker compose
This final article in the training course preview looks at Docker Compose, which is a tool you can use to create multi-container applications with just one command.

Learn the Basics of Docker Compose

In this preview of Containers for Developers and Quality Assurance (LFS254) training course from The Linux Foundation, we’ve covered Docker installation, introduced Docker Machine, performed basic Docker container and image operations, and looked at Dockerfiles and Docker Volumes. This final...
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Deploying Docker Compose Services in a Swarm

Docker 1.13 introduced a new version of Docker Compose. The main feature of this release is that it allows services defined using Docker Compose files to be directly deployed to Docker Engine, enabled with Swarm mode. This enables simplified deployment of multi-container applications on multi-host...
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Red Hat Composes Ansible to Help Build Containers

Red Hat expands its DevOps platform to enable developers to more easily build their own containers. Red Hat is expanding its open-source Ansible platform with a new module called Ansible Container that enables organizations to build and deploy containers. Ansible is a DevOps automation platform...
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Rapid Prototyping with Docker-Compose

In this write-up we'll look at a Node.js prototype for finding stock of the Raspberry PI Zero from three major outlets in the UK. I wrote the code and deployed it to an Ubuntu VM in Azure within a single evening of hacking. Docker and the docker-compose tool made the deployment and update process...
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