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The newly revised Pi-top is a hackable Raspberry Pi based kit aimed primarily at education.

Linux Laptops Get a Boost from Hacker Board Projects

Recently, Linux desktop usage has grown from 2.14 percent to 3.23 percent according to NetMarketShare. Much of this increase appears to have come from Linux-based Chromebooks, which are likely undercounted due in part to their widespread use in schools. Yet, there are signs of Linux desktop life...
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Review: System76’s Galago Pro Solves 'Just Works' Linux’s Goldilocks Problem

Still, finding the perfect Linux laptop has always been and remains something of a Goldilocks problem: this one is too big, this one is too underpowered, this one has too little RAM, this one lacks a big SSD, and so on. Generally speaking, if you want power and storage you're going to end up with...
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