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Dustin Kirkland
Canonical developer Dustin Kirkland is a space cowboy on the great Ubuntu-on-Windows frontier.

Howdy, Ubuntu on Windows! An Intro From Canonical's Dustin Kirkland

Hi there!  My name is Dustin Kirkland, a Linux user for nearly 20 years, and an open source developer for almost as long.  I worked on Linux at IBM for most of a decade, on site at Red Hat for a bit, and now at Canonical for nearly another decade.  I started at Canonical as an engineer on the...
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Top developer skills
Big Data, cloud, mobile, and JavaScript skills are in demand by employers looking for open source applications developers.

What Employers Want in an Open Source Applications Developer

As an applications developer, you are a problem solver. You design, implement and support next-generation applications that are utilized to meet company needs. You offer solutions to drive overall business performance and success. It should come as no surprise then that you are a hiring priority,...
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Networking skills
The top networking skills employers are looking for include: OpenDaylight, security, and strong fundamentals.

3 Trending Networking Skills Employers Look for in Open Source Pros

Today, open source development is an integral part of the tech industry, as more and more companies are looking for greater collaboration, flexibility and efficiency within their organizations. With what’s trending in tech constantly changing, the open source model provides companies with the...
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Learn how to process emails more efficiently and debug various MTA issues.

Destress Your Mail Server with Postfix Troubleshooting Tips: Part 1

Several mail servers are available on the market today. Some are rather confounding to configure but are super-reliable. Others are a little old school and rely on no small degree of background knowledge to get them up and running. According to the website Mail Radar, in a randomized survey of 59,...
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How to Set Up Virtual Domains and Virtual Users in Postfix

A previous tutorial covered how to install a Postfix mail server and test it with mailx. Now we’ll introduce email aliases, set up virtual domains and users, and do a little troubleshooting. My first professional introduction to serving HTTP was via the clever Roxen Web Server when I worked for an...
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 MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) Postfix
The rocket-fueled MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) that is Postfix has such a wide array of features that quite honestly it’s a struggle to know where to begin.

How to Install and Test a Postfix Mail Server

These days more people than ever feel compelled to get their e-mail fixed super-swiftly if it ever fails. When used several times a day, every day of the year, some of us feel truly bereft when e-mail isn’t available to us. There’s even recognised medical conditions relating to those who...
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