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7 Steps to DevOps Hiring Success

Now, given the various routes to becoming a DevOps practitioner, how do hiring managers focus their search and selection process to ensure that they’re hitting the mark? Decide on the background Assess the strengths of your existing team. Do you already have some amazing software engineers but you’...
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Cloud, networking, and security were some of the important open source skills cited in the 2016 Open Source Jobs Report. Complete this year's survey and get a chance to win an Amazon gift card!

Take the Open Source Jobs Survey from Dice and The Linux Foundation

Do you use or contribute to open source technologies? Or, are you responsible for hiring open source professionals? If so, please take a minute to complete a short open source jobs survey from Dice and The Linux Foundation and make your voice heard. During the past decade, open source development...
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Top 3 Questions Job Seekers Ask in Open Source

As a recruiter working in the open source world, I love that I interact every day with some of the smartest people around. I get to hear about the cool projects they're working on and what they think about the industry, and when they are ready for a new challenge. I get to connect them to companies...
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Sometimes the Most Qualified Applicant Is Not the Most Obvious

Hiring managers often give preference to (and even hold out for) those who have the “right” specific last roles, the “right” internships, a specific number of years of experience or graduated from the “right” university. Interestingly, those companies often state bold goals in improving diversity,...
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