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Using objdump to investigate k = k++

lucy-assembly.jpeg Creative Commons Attribution Looking at this code, what would you anticipate the respective values of variables ’n’ and ‘k’ to be? screenshot1.png Creative Commons Attribution Despite the confidence expressed in...
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Holberton school
Innovative full stack engineering school is teaming with PagerDuty to teach what being a real-life DevOps is like, sometimes at 3am. [Image source: Sylvain Kalache]

DevOps Students Learn the Value of Uptime With 3 a.m. Calls

Students at the Holberton School, San Francisco’s innovative new school for training students of any age to be full stack software engineers, are being woken early, really early, to learn just what’s it’s like to be a part of a DevOps team. DevOps is a set of practices, a philosophy aiming for...
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