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IaaS and PaaS
The Guide to the Open Cloud 2016 includes a comprehensive look at the IaaS and PaaS solutions that you should know about. Here are links and descriptions for these projects, by category.

Guide to the Open Cloud: The State of IaaS and PaaS

The Linux Foundation recently announced the release of its 2016 report "Guide to the Open Cloud: Current Trends and Open Source Projects." This third annual report provides a comprehensive look at the state of open cloud computing. You can download the report now, and one of the first things to...
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Enabling the Digital Revolution: SDN and Beyond

The promise of software-defined networking and solutions for its wider adoption were explored in depth at VMware’s inaugural future:net event. To cope with the many challenges of the new digital business, data centers are undergoing a once-in-a-generation architectural shift, from hardware- to...
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cloud projects
Read about current trends and open source projects in cloud computing in the third annual “Guide to the Open Cloud” report from The Linux Foundation.

The Linux Foundation Issues 2016 Guide to Open Source Cloud Projects

The Linux Foundation today released its third annual “Guide to the Open Cloud” report on current trends and open source projects in cloud computing. guide-open-cloud-2016-report.jpg Guide to the Open Cloud Report The Linux Foundation The report aggregates and analyzes industry...
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Red Hat Releases OpenStack Platform 9

Red Hat is releasing the latest version of its OpenStack Platform 9 product. The open Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform is designed to help deploy, scale, and manage private cloud, public cloud, and Network Functions Virtualisation environments. Based on the latest OpenStack community release,...
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The Emerging Containers as a Service Marketplace

While many developers are enthusiastic about the way containers can speed up deployments, administrators and operators may be a bit more wary, given the considerable amount of retooling that their internal systems may need to go through to support container-based pipelines. Which is why the...
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​OwnCloud Founder Forks Popular Open-Source Cloud

Frank Karlitschek, co-founder and former CTO of ownCloud, announced he's forking the popular IaaS cloud program into "Nextcloud." OwnCloud, a very popular, open-source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud program, has been forked by its founder Frank Karlitschek. The fork, Nextcloud, will be...
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