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Call for Code
Learn more about IBM’s open source initiatives, including the Call for Code.

How IBM Is Using Open Source for a Greater Good

Dr. Angel Diaz is the face of open source at IBM as Vice President of Developer Technology, Open Source & Advocacy. At the recent Open Source Summit in Vancouver, we spoke with Diaz to talk about the importance of open source at IBM and how it’s changing the world around us. LF: What’s the...
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Call for code
Today is the first official day of Call for Code, an annual global initiative that aims to unleash the collective power of the global open source developer community against the growing threat of natural disasters.

Call for Code Is Open and Organizations Are Lining Up to Join the Cause

By Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer, IBM Today is the first official day of Call for Code, an annual global initiative from creator David Clark Cause, with IBM proudly serving as Founding Partner. Call for Code aims to unleash the collective power of the global open source developer community...
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Why Open Source Could be IBM's Key to Future Success in the Cloud

Ask most developers what they think of IBM and you'll get a blank stare in response. "IB-who?" In our brave new cloud world, IBM—once so imperious with CIO golf calendars—is generally an afterthought for developers looking to deploy to the cloud. And yet there remain good reasons to consider Big...
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IBM Index
The first-ever INDEX community event coming up February 20-22 will feature a keynote presentation from The Linux Foundation’s Executive Director, Jim Zemlin.

Linux and Open Source: A Recipe for Innovation

Technology is like a good soufflé. The original recipe might be developed by an individual, but it changes and evolves as other people take the recipe and make it even better. And when you get the perfect combination of ingredients, it can be amazing. That’s the idea behind the first-ever INDEX...
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Index: A Focus on the Future of Code and Community

One of the most significant challenges developers face is keeping up with the increasingly rapid pace of change in our industry. With each new innovation comes a new crop of vendors and best practices, and staying on top of your game can become a second profession in itself. Cloud, containers, data...
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Harnessing the power of highly secure, highly scalable, and highly engineered Linux servers can transform the market and change the world.

Electric Cars, Open Source Summit, and Linux Server Innovation

This article was sponsored and written by IBM. The first electric car was produced in the late 19th century, and by 1900 more than a quarter of cars were electric. Then the internal combustion engine took over, and for a century it dominated. Now, however, electric cars are making a comeback, and...
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The Hyperledger Project is a collaborative open source development effort built on the goal of advancing blockchain technologies.

Blockchain Technology Is Changing How Business Is Done

This article was sponsored by IBM and written by Linux.com. Blockchain technology is changing the way businesses record and monitor data transactions. It provides a decentralized, immutable ledger, or record of transactions, that effectively verifies the integrity of data in that ledger. The...
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From Safety to Savings, Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt the Food Scene

Behold the blockchain. The disruptive new technology promises to make traditional paper ledger-based transactions obsolete, replaced by digital ledgers. Headlines appear every day heralding how blockchain technology will revolutionize financial services markets, which remain burdened by unwieldy...
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IBM's Plan to Encrypt Unthinkable Amounts of Sensitive Data

DATA BREACHES AND exposures all invite the same lament: if only the compromised data had been encrypted. Bad guys can only do so much with exfiltrated data, after all, if they can't read any of it. Now, IBM says it has a way to encrypt every level of a network, from applications to local databases...
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Red Hat is ramping up the scope of its cloud and DevOps initiatives, including building out its training offerings.

As Open Source and Cloud Converge, Red Hat Expands Partnerships and Training

As open source and cloud computing converge, Red Hat is ramping up the scope of its cloud and DevOps initiatives, including building out its training offerings. If you still think of the company as primarily focused on enterprise Linux, think again. Through partnerships, such as its work with IBM,...
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