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Kubernetes Warms Up to IPv6

There’s a finite number of public IPv4 addresses and the IPv6 address space was specified to solve this problem some 20 years ago, long before Kubernetes was conceived of. But because it was originally developed inside Google and it’s only relatively recently that cloud services like Google and AWS...
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3 Useful Things You Can Do with the IP Tool in Linux

It has been more than a decade since the ifconfig command has been deprecated on Linux in favor of the iproute2 project, which contains the magical tool ip. Many online tutorial resources still refer to old command-line tools like ifconfig, route, and netstat. The goal of this tutorial is to share...
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VM manager
Carla Schroder shows how to set up automatic IP address configuration for unique local addresses.

IPv6 Auto-Configuration in Linux

In Testing IPv6 Networking in KVM: Part 1, we learned about unique local addresses (ULAs). In this article, we will learn how to set up automatic IP address configuration for ULAs. When to Use Unique Local Addresses Unique local addresses use the fd00::/8 address block, and are similar to our old...
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IPv6 address
Learn about ipv6calc -- the excellent IPv6 address manipulator and query tool that packs a ton of functionality.

Manipulate IPv6 Addresses with ipv6calc

Last week, you may recall, we looked at calculating network addresses with ipcalc. Now, dear friends, it is my pleasure to introduce you to ipv6calc, the excellent IPv6 address manipulator and query tool by Dr. Peter Bieringer. ipv6calc is a little thing; on Ubuntu /usr/bin/ipv6calc is about 2MB,...
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Old file-copying tools like SCP, SSH, and Rsync are all IPv6-ready, but they have syntax quirks you need to know to make them work.

Remote Sessions Over IPv6 with SSH, SCP, and Rsync

Our familiar old file-copying friends SSH, SCP, and Rsync are all IPv6-ready, which is the good news. The bad news is they have syntax quirks which you must learn to make them work. Before we get into the details, though, you might want to review the previous installments in our meandering IPv6...
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IP addressing
Learn the basics of private and link local addressing in this tutorial from Carla Schroder.

Practical Networking for Linux Admins: IPv4 and IPv6 LAN Addressing

We're cruising now. We know important basics about TCP/IP and IPv6. Today we're learning about private and link-local addressing. Yes, I know, I promised routing. That comes next. Private Address Spaces IPv4 and IPv6 both have private address spaces. These are not meant to leave your private...
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IPv6 Transition: A Quick Guide

Despite the much-anticipated depletion of public IPv4 addresses, adoption of network address translation (NAT) has led most enterprises to continue using IPv4 both internally and at the internet edge. But as companies refresh their networks and IoT begins to pick up steam, many network...
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