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Linux routing
Carla Schroder offers an overview of hardware and operating systems, plus IPv4 addressing basics, in this tutorial.

Linux LAN Routing for Beginners: Part 1

Once upon a time we learned about IPv6 routing. Now we're going to dig into the basics of IPv4 routing with Linux. We'll start with an overview of hardware and operating systems, and IPv4 addressing basics, and next week we'll setup and test routing. LAN Router Hardware Linux is a real networking...
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Carla Schroder looks at two handy IPv6 calculators along with some tricks for subnetting.

Calculating IPv6 Subnets in Linux

We're going to look at some IPv6 calculators, sipcalc and subnetcalc, and some tricks for subnetting without breaking our brains. Let's start with reviewing IPv6 address types. There are three types: unicast, multicast, and anycast. IPv6 Unicast The unicast address is a single address identifying a...
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Learn how to use the essential ipcalc tool with these practical examples from Carla Schroder.

How to Calculate Network Addresses with ipcalc

The math behind IP addresses is convoluted. Our nice IPv4 addresses start out as 32-bit binary numbers, which are then converted to base 10 numbers in four 8-bit fields. Decimal numbers are easier to manage than long binary strings; still, calculating address ranges, netmasks, and subnets is a bit...
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