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Thiago Macieira
Thiago Macieira from the Intel Open Source Technology Center provided a brief introduction to IPv6 and a comparison to IPv4 at LinuxCon Europe.

IPv6 for Server Admins and Client Developers

IPv6 has been around for a long time. The first IPv6 RFC was released more than 20 years ago, and we began exhausting the IPv4 address space in 2011. Thiago Macieira from the Intel Open Source Technology Center began his talk at LinuxCon Europe by saying that he didn’t think he would still need to...
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Christian Schwede LinuxCon
In his LinuxCon Europe talk, Christian Schwede from Red Hat talked about how Swift is deployed at large enterprise companies.

OpenStack Swift: Scalable and Durable Object Storage

The goal of OpenStack Swift is modeled after Alpine swift birds that can stay in the air for months at a time without coming down. These birds even eat and drink while flying. Not unlike the birds, OpenStack Swift is designed for maximum uptime to be able to serve data to your users all the time...
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Jilayne Lovejoy
Jilayne Lovejoy, Principal Open Source Counsel at ARM talks about collaboration beyond code with the OpenChain project at LinuxCon Europe.

Building a Trusted Open Source Software Supply Chain With OpenChain

There are many examples of collaboration all around us that stretch far beyond the type of collaboration in open source projects. As preparation for her keynote at LinuxCon Europe, Jilayne Lovejoy, Principal Open Source Counsel at ARM, watched a TED talk by Rodney Mullen and was inspired by how he...
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Container testing
Containerization enables interesting architecture patterns -- such as a parallel testing platform -- that can have a lot of performance benefits.

Testing the Right Things with Docker

Fast and efficient software testing is easy with Docker, says Laura Frank of Codeship, who will be presenting a talk called “Building Efficient Parallel Testing Platforms with Docker” at LinuxCon + ContainerCon Europe next month. In her talk, Frank will explain how containers can be used to...
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LF events
At these upcoming conferences, you have the chance to learn from open source experts, with presentations from leading maintainers, developers, and engineers in the Linux community and from around the world.

Learn from the Experts at The Linux Foundation’s Europe Events

The Linux Foundation has released session details for three major conferences coming up this fall: MesosCon Europe, Embedded Linux Conference / OpenIoT Summit Europe, and LinuxCon + ContainerCon Europe. MesosCon Europe, which will take place August 31-September 1 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is...
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