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In this series, we will show how to build a reliable configurable mail server with Postfix, Dovecot, and OpenSSL on Ubuntu Linux.

How to Build an Email Server on Ubuntu Linux

In this fast-changing world of containers and microservices it's comforting that some things don't change, such as setting up a Linux email server. It's still a dance of many steps and knitting together several different servers, and once you put it all together it just sits there, all nice and...
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How to Set Up Virtual Domains and Virtual Users in Postfix

A previous tutorial covered how to install a Postfix mail server and test it with mailx. Now we’ll introduce email aliases, set up virtual domains and users, and do a little troubleshooting. My first professional introduction to serving HTTP was via the clever Roxen Web Server when I worked for an...
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 MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) Postfix
The rocket-fueled MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) that is Postfix has such a wide array of features that quite honestly it’s a struggle to know where to begin.

How to Install and Test a Postfix Mail Server

These days more people than ever feel compelled to get their e-mail fixed super-swiftly if it ever fails. When used several times a day, every day of the year, some of us feel truly bereft when e-mail isn’t available to us. There’s even recognised medical conditions relating to those who...
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