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What the Data Says About How Linux Kernel Developers Collaborate

Many people consider themselves a Linux kernel developer first, an employee second. Even when they enjoy their current job and like their employer, most of them tend to look at the employment relationship as something temporary, whereas their identity as a kernel developer is viewed as more...
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Dawn Foster
At OS Summit in Los Angeles, Dawn Foster will share her research into how developers and contributors collaborate on the Linux kernel mailing lists.

How People Collaborate on Linux Kernel Mailing Lists

Linux is one of the largest and most successful open source projects in history.  According to a 2016 report from The Linux Foundation, more than 13,500 developers from more than 1,300 companies have contributed to the Linux kernel since tracking began 11 years ago. At Open Source Summit in Los...
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Email2git is a patch retrieving system built for the Linux kernel, which is available as a cregit extension and as a simple commit ID based search tool.

Email2git: Matching Linux Code with its Mailing List Discussions

TL;DR: Email2git is a patch retrieving system built for the Linux kernel. It exists under two forms: As a cregit plugin: Retrieve patches of selected source code tokens As the email2git search tool: Retrieve patches for entered commit IDs Email2git The Linux project's email-based reviewing...
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