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raising awareness
Successful women in technology raise more than capital. They raise awareness, they raise the bar, and they raise their voices.

Raising More than Capital: Successful Women in Technology

One of my employees chooses a word at the beginning of each year to guide her personal and professional development efforts. Last year the word she selected was “Rise.” She told me it inspired her to elevate not only her skills, but the quality of her relationships, her attitude toward life and her...
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Rich Bowen
Rich Bowen discusses the secret of immortality and successful open source projects.

Open Source Mentoring: Your Path to Immortality

Rich Bowen is omnipresent at any Open Source conference. He wears many hats. He has been doing Open Source for 20+ years, and has worked on dozens of different projects during that time. He's a board member of the Apache Software Foundation, and is active on the Apache HTTPd project. He works at...
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OS Summit
With your registration to Open Source Summit, you also get access to many special events throughout the four-day conference, including mentoring, yoga, 5K run, Puppy Pawlooza, and more.

Activities for All at OS Summit in Los Angeles: Mentoring, Yoga, Puppies, and More!

Open Source Summit North America is less than two months away! Join 2,000+ open source professionals Sept. 11-14 in Los Angeles, CA, for exciting keynotes and technical talks covering all things Linux, cloud, containers, networking, emerging open source technologies, and more. Register now! With...
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