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What Metrics Matter: A Guide for Open Source Projects

"Without data, you're just a person with an opinion." Those are the words of W. Edwards Deming, the champion of statistical process control, who was credited as one of the inspirations for what became known as the Japanese post-war economic miracle of 1950 to 1960. Ironically, Japanese...
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The Case for Data-Driven Open Source Development

The lack of standardized metrics, datasets, methodologies and tools for extracting insights from Open Source projects is real. Open Source Metrics That Actually Matter Let’s take a look at the first part of the problem: the metrics. OSS Project stakeholders simply don’t have the data to make...
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3 Warning Flags of DevOps Metrics

"Human beings adjust behavior based on the metrics they're held against." Choose your metrics carefully. Metrics. Measurements. Data. Monitoring. Alerting. These are all big topics for DevOps and for cloud-native infrastructure and application development more broadly. In fact, acm Queue, a...
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How to Measure HPC

Measuring high performance computing can be very powerful for the businesses that rely on it and the end users that directly employ it. Based on NAG’s experience helping organizations with HPC measurement, we have put together this overview of the subject for TOP500 News. Measuring usage and costs...
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How to Define a Metrics Strategy for Your Community

In my experience, metrics serve three main functions: to increase awareness, to lead change, and to motivate. Awareness helps you understand where you are in relation to specific policies and goals. For example, if you don't know how many project contributions were made by under-represented...
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Ilan Rabinovitch
Ilan Rabinovitch of Datadog shares tips for performing blameless post mortems in order to learn from mistakes, in his presentation at LinuxCon NA.

Converting Failure to Success Should Be Part of Your Core Process

My life is full of mistakes. They're like pebbles that make a good road. -- Beatrice Wood You know all the catchphrases and inspirational quotations about failure: fail fast, succeed quicker; fail forward; embrace failure; fail fast, fail often, fail everywhere. As creators of the bleeding edge of...
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