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Effective Microservices Architecture with Event-Driven Design

There’s no doubt, in the IT world, microservices are sexy. But just because you find something cool and attractive doesn’t mean it’s good for you. And it doesn’t mean you know how to use it properly. In fact, microservices, in particular, aren’t easy. Yes, microservices allow for different team...
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10 IoT Platforms Changing How Companies Do Business

Internet of Things (IoT) platforms are becoming a hub for connecting devices, sensors, networks, and services as well as providing a range of organizations with crucial data so they can drive more cash flow and stay ahead of competition. In 2016, IoT platforms generated about $2 billion in revenue...
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The Case for Containerizing Middleware

It’s one thing to accept the existence of middleware in a situation where applications are being moved from a “legacy,” client/server, n-tier scheme into a fully distributed systems environment. For a great many applications whose authors have long ago moved on to well-paying jobs, containerizing...
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