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containerd Namespaces for Docker, Kubernetes, and Beyond

Recently, we merged containerd 1.0 beta support into Moby. You can view the pull request https://github.com/moby/moby/pull/34895 for more information on the integration. The kubernetes team also released the first alpha release of cri-containerd with containerd 1.0 beta support a few weeks ago....
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Containers and Microservices Spark a Search for Better File Systems

As Linux distributions container-based operations microservices, they come across new file-system related challenges. Linux vendors, including Red Hat, SUSE and Canonical, are major players in the container space. In addition to their traditional OSes, these companies have also built container as...
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Richard Briggs
Richard Guy Briggs talked about the current state of Kernel Audit and Linux Namespaces at the recent Linux Security Summit.

Understanding and Securing Linux Namespaces

Richard Guy Briggs, a kernel security engineer and Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, talked about the current state of Kernel Audit and Linux Namespaces at the Linux Security Summit. He also shared problems plaguing containers and what might be done to address them soon. His insights are borne...
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The Practical Benefits of Network Namespaces

Linux Containers (LXC) [1] and Docker [2], as well as software-defined network (SDN) solutions [3], make extensive use of Linux namespaces, which allow you to define and use multiple virtual instances of the resources of a host and kernel. At this time, Linux namespaces include Cgroup, IPC, Network...
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